17 July 2006

A Guide To What "christians" Mean When They Say...

“Love the sinner, hate the sin” = Smear the queer

“Kindness” = Meanness

“Charity” = Belligerence

“Israelites are the chosen people” = Fuck the Palestinians

“Two state solution” = Guise for genocidal massacre of Palestinians = Final Solution

“David” = Goliath; In the modern rendition of the Biblical tale, it is the Philistines who have only rocks to sling at the Zionist giant.

“Family values” = Save the fetus, fuck the faggot

“Prayer in schools” = Theocracy

“Creation” = Ignorance

“Heresy” = Incontrovertible fact

“Blasphemy” = Incontrovertible fact

“Evangelize” = Harass

"Left behind" = White flight

"Spread the good news” = Suppress common sense

"Sinner" = hell bound sodomite

"What would jesus do?" = Eliminate social services for the poor, lease Hummer, breast augmentation, attend feel good fundamentalist mega-church service, deport Mexicans, in a word, whiteness

"Saved" = White

"Muslim" = Terrorist

"Gospel" = Neoliberal political platform

"Catholic" = hell bound Mary worshiper

"Prayer" = A way to feel like you’ve done something while doing nothing

"Marriage" = Dispossess Homosexuals of Civil Liberties

“Blessed” = Self-aggrandizement

“Missionary work” = ethnocide, imperialism

“Pro-life” = Heap misery on the Poor, torture detainees, utter indifference to Human suffering

“Rock solid old-fashioned values” = segregation, anti-miscegenation, cross-burning


Blogger Miss Carousel said...

you rock.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

"See you at the next meeting."

6:04 AM  

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