24 September 2006

Domesticity: The Saga Continues

Today I installed a ceiling lamp in the downstairs hallway. It sounds like a simple task, I know, but the Swiss engineering presenting numerous challenges and obstacles. Nothing fit and parts were missing, etc. I wish I hadn’t thrown away those 57 what-does-this-go-to that I found yesterday. Oh, well. I made it work anyway, and the15 minute job only took two hours. Be glad I’m not your electrician. Someone gave us this lamp as a wedding gift almost six years ago, and now It's finally installed. Here are the results:


Blogger Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Wow, that looks really cool. I didn't think it would. That's another box you can get rid of!

7:05 AM  
Blogger weeping sore said...

Perfect lamp for a location where you have the choice of twenty or so doors. I enjoy your writing. When it's not scholarly, you have a nice whimsical touch.

7:31 PM  
Blogger kathrynzano said...

I see how you are--waiting til your dear wife is a continent away to make the place look nice! Um.. well, it does look cool. Are you ready for more sharks yet?

8:24 PM  

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