26 February 2006

Just Shy of 6 Years

I sold my car tonight. I got this car before I got married. I sold it at a good time. I got it with 42 miles and sold it today with 190,121. Not bad. I'm sort of sad. I love my new car, don't get me wrong, but I had a lot of time in with this car. I will cheer my self up with the impending delivery of the Stickley furniture I got on sale today.

15 February 2006

Essay Time!

"Another musician was Duke who shows blacks in America and their history in 1935, he did that by putting in respectable stages and being instrumental."

10 February 2006


Today I had a mini melt down. I received a stupid e-mail, and it just sent me over the edge. I didn't really realize until today that I'm always marginal about school. It takes so very little to piss me off. So, we left and headed south and had dinner and wine. I'm feeling better, and I e-mailed my chair and told her I am sorry for having missed her seminar this evening. Nothing ticks me off like being scolded like a kid, particularly since I had not actually done anything wrong. Stupid grown-ups!

09 February 2006


04 February 2006

Good Luck With That!

I started my G.L.W.T. Diary today. I've heard this several times over the last year, though I could only remember the details of three incidents, so I wrote them down. I'm going to write a paper about the American perception of working in the Middle East when I'm done. Dang, it really kind of gets to me to hear that, and especially when it comes from another woman. I know, that's sexist. I accept that.

02 February 2006

Keep Fingers Crossed

I sent in my proposal last night. If they're going to reject me, I just ask that they don't do so on my birthday.