19 November 2009

Albany Bulb

Today K dragged me out of the house and we explored the Albany Bulb, this blob of land that sticks out into the Bay.  Here is the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny day from the Bulb.  It was perfectly warm (thanks global warming!), and we walked around the trails and met lots of happy dogs.  We've been sick this week.  I think K gave us the Hamthrax, but he seems to think that I brought it home (even though he was sick first). 

This is looking back toward where we live.  We live behind that Target store there, next to the freeway.  Despite the location, this is a nice part of the world.

Somewhere toward the right you can see the bell tower at Cal.  They just took the scafolding off of it this week.  So you can sort of tell where we live in relation to Cal.  It's 2.6 miles.

This is looking at the Bay Bridge.  You can see the new east span next to the existing bridge that will be torn down in the next 4 years.  Or, it may just fall over before then, as it has been attempting to do since we moved here.  If you squint and look at Treasure Island, you can see the new S-curve, where a temporary road joins the new and old spans.  This was installed a few months back, and is the current source of accidents as sleepy drivers forget that they now have to swerve as they enter the tunnel toward the west span.  Even though the old bridge is a death trap, I think it has much more charm than the new bridge.  But, the new east span will have a seperate bike path.

Not Bay area related, but this is the best crossiant I've ever made.  Looket the layering!  I made this before K made us sick.