31 July 2006


29 July 2006

Thank You


"The science of government will become intricate and perplexed, and too misteriuous [sic] for you to understand and observe; the reintroduction of monarchy will inevitably result."
-Cato the Third

26 July 2006

Driving (off road) in Jordan

20 July 2006

I want this shirt!

You can order this for me here.

17 July 2006

Oh my.

I believe this is actually illegal here.

A Guide To What "christians" Mean When They Say...

“Love the sinner, hate the sin” = Smear the queer

“Kindness” = Meanness

“Charity” = Belligerence

“Israelites are the chosen people” = Fuck the Palestinians

“Two state solution” = Guise for genocidal massacre of Palestinians = Final Solution

“David” = Goliath; In the modern rendition of the Biblical tale, it is the Philistines who have only rocks to sling at the Zionist giant.

“Family values” = Save the fetus, fuck the faggot

“Prayer in schools” = Theocracy

“Creation” = Ignorance

“Heresy” = Incontrovertible fact

“Blasphemy” = Incontrovertible fact

“Evangelize” = Harass

"Left behind" = White flight

"Spread the good news” = Suppress common sense

"Sinner" = hell bound sodomite

"What would jesus do?" = Eliminate social services for the poor, lease Hummer, breast augmentation, attend feel good fundamentalist mega-church service, deport Mexicans, in a word, whiteness

"Saved" = White

"Muslim" = Terrorist

"Gospel" = Neoliberal political platform

"Catholic" = hell bound Mary worshiper

"Prayer" = A way to feel like you’ve done something while doing nothing

"Marriage" = Dispossess Homosexuals of Civil Liberties

“Blessed” = Self-aggrandizement

“Missionary work” = ethnocide, imperialism

“Pro-life” = Heap misery on the Poor, torture detainees, utter indifference to Human suffering

“Rock solid old-fashioned values” = segregation, anti-miscegenation, cross-burning

10 July 2006

Driving in Jordan

This is the price Jordanians pay for you to drive your FUV. 11 people died here.

04 July 2006

Tromso, Norway

I'm searching for places north of the Arctic Circle to relocate. Check out
69 39'13.01"N
18 57'43.39"E
on Google Earth for our possible next home.