29 June 2006


It rained ALL week.

21 June 2006


Here I am.

20 June 2006


I found this on sha3teely.

18 June 2006

Greece and Turkey were responsible for the Manhattan Project

"In the 1960's Greece had many economical and industrial problems which caused for others like the United States to provide aid. Along with Greece, Turkey was in the same standing and were both on the edge of being invaded by greater powers like Europe. That was all made possible by the Marshall Plan which the U.S. provided for the Soviet Union along with Greece. Yet another aid that could be taken into account was the Manhattan Project which caused an intervention in Vietnam."

Who knew?

God Bless America

We're not in it for the money, or the power! Have some more ACTUAL quotes from final exams:

"One of the primary objectives of foreign politcy of the U.S. is to create conditions free from coercion."

"In President Johnson's side, he kept his plans hidden from congress and the public." [ouch!]

"The United States fights for values and prinicples, not territory or colonies."

Oh, I won't worry then.

Another Exam

It's interesting to me how W's rhetoric has been infused with Truman's and Johnson's arguments for intervention in Greece/Turkey and Vietnam, respectively. Read for yourself how effectively W's meaningless speeches have influenced an 18 year-old:

"It is difficult for people to oppose the interference of Vietnam or Greece when the Presidents themselves are asking for support and are obviously in favor of what is going on... President Johnson was willing to stay in Vietnam until their freedom was secure. He made it clear the U.S. was not going to back down of Vietnam since he wanted the U.S. to keep its promise... Whenever any type of conflict or problems are going on in a part of the world the United States always seems to be a helpful hand."

Right... So, we're going to deploy troops to Sudan and Somalia any day now, right? Wait, do they have any resources we can exploit? How about cheap labor?

The Reason for the Cold War

"The reason why Cold War was happening was because United States believed that Soviet Union thinks they'are all cool and invisible."

Final Exam

"Both of these invations were afraid of the Domino theory when it came to the spread of Communism."

17 June 2006

Liberal Media?

I'm confused. Where I live people have stickers on their FUVs that say stuff like "I think therefore I don't believe the liberal media". But, the media are precisely who stepped in to educate silly Americans not just about the death of Zarqawi but (more importantly) who he was. Why do we need to know who he was? W's approval numbers are up because of Zarqawi's death. Americans can't rejoice at our genocide in Iraq unless we know who we are fighting, something that seems far too complicated for people in this country to grasp. The media kindly steps in to let us know WHY to be happy at Zarqawi's death. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to loose no sleep over this, particularly because of the Jordan hotel bombings in November 2005, but I can't imagine W's numbers would be up unless the "liberal" media were here to educate us about his imperialism.

15 June 2006

Last Day of School

12 June 2006

Bottle Tree

I took this picture almost a year ago in the Mojave Desert while doing archaeology. It was in late July, and it was 125 degrees. Did you know that your eye lids can sweat? This tree is decorated with historical trash; they are the necks of bottles that WERE near an historic trail until the folks working at this particular mine collected them. For some reason, the guys we worked with GPSed the location of the tree.

11 June 2006

Don't Blink

You just might miss how well it's going at Guantanamo.
"I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of warfare waged against us."
Rear Adm Harry Harris, Camp commander.
I'm not making this up.

For my Christian neighbors

I was dangerously cut off the other morning by a womand driving an SUV with "In God We Trust" painted on the back. Where can I go to escape these crackers?

04 June 2006

June 1st and 2nd, 2006

I am ABD.

02 June 2006


Bush cannot be shamed, can he?