17 June 2006

Liberal Media?

I'm confused. Where I live people have stickers on their FUVs that say stuff like "I think therefore I don't believe the liberal media". But, the media are precisely who stepped in to educate silly Americans not just about the death of Zarqawi but (more importantly) who he was. Why do we need to know who he was? W's approval numbers are up because of Zarqawi's death. Americans can't rejoice at our genocide in Iraq unless we know who we are fighting, something that seems far too complicated for people in this country to grasp. The media kindly steps in to let us know WHY to be happy at Zarqawi's death. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to loose no sleep over this, particularly because of the Jordan hotel bombings in November 2005, but I can't imagine W's numbers would be up unless the "liberal" media were here to educate us about his imperialism.


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