21 January 2008

Death March

Yesterday K and I went with Tyree the Dog and G out to Barstow for a hike. We actually found the car at the end of the day despite having wandered quite far.

Like Jordan, but with plants:

It was really cold in the shade. The water on the ground was frozen! Tyree was slipping and sliding around, as was I. Fun and exhausting. For the record, G found a horse middle digit, and I found an astragulus. What did K find? Can't remember right now...

10 January 2008


We had a big storm last week. We ended up with about 10 inches of snow. The trees, weighed down with ice, didn't do so well. We lost a pine tree out back, and a branch from another ended up on our car. There was so much snow that the branch did no damage.