18 June 2006

Another Exam

It's interesting to me how W's rhetoric has been infused with Truman's and Johnson's arguments for intervention in Greece/Turkey and Vietnam, respectively. Read for yourself how effectively W's meaningless speeches have influenced an 18 year-old:

"It is difficult for people to oppose the interference of Vietnam or Greece when the Presidents themselves are asking for support and are obviously in favor of what is going on... President Johnson was willing to stay in Vietnam until their freedom was secure. He made it clear the U.S. was not going to back down of Vietnam since he wanted the U.S. to keep its promise... Whenever any type of conflict or problems are going on in a part of the world the United States always seems to be a helpful hand."

Right... So, we're going to deploy troops to Sudan and Somalia any day now, right? Wait, do they have any resources we can exploit? How about cheap labor?


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