11 April 2006

Good Grief

It's just coffee people! I tried to do the right thing. I brought a mug to school with me so that I wouldn't have to throw away 20 cups a day after I'm finished with my coffee. The mug I have is 20 ounces. I wanted a 12 ounce latte, not 20 ounces of milk, so I ordered a small latte. I told that lady, assuming (correctly) that she would be confused, that a shot of espresso and 10 ounces (half the cup) of milk would be fine. A small latte is 12 ounces, so they would come out ahead. She informed me that I needed to purchase a large latte, or they would have to measure the beverage. Measure it? Why, yes, measure it with a paper cup. I don't lug my Tim Hortons cup around for my health, I lug it around to save the paper. With the "measuring" scheme, a cup would be wasted, and I'd have to wash my cup for no reason. She was un-moved. Despite my explanation, they made a small mocha (oh, that's right, I did want a latte) in a paper cup, and poured it into my mug.
What a freakin' world!


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