10 October 2006

مطعم كشمير الارجيلة

Last night I went to a wonderful restaurant near the third circle called Cashmere Argeela (that's the title of the post). The University planned an Iftar dinner for the international students (that's me). About 80 people showed up, and a wonderful buffet was prepared for us. Our teacher was the lady in charge, so she let our table know first when we could proceed to the food. She also made sure that those who were fasting got to go first. Since this included me, I went with most of the other students in my class, and I didn't have to go later with all the crackers. The buffet was amazing. They had everything, and none of it sucked.

Later there was music. In the picture is a gal in my class, and just to her left is R, who insists almost daily that I don't know what the next 5 years of his life will be like. Every time someone received a hubblie bubbly, the band sang a little happy-hubblie-bubbly song. It was really fun!

This place is near the third circle, between the Radisson SAS and the circle, right across the street from the Grand Hyatt hotel. It looks dingy from the outside, but that really belies it's interior. The place is huge, and it's really beautiful, and the food was great. The only downer is that they don't open any windows there, and they encourage smoking.


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