07 August 2007

Road Trip

K and I went to San Francisco last week.
I was cold there. Can you imagine? It was the end of July/beginning of August and it was freakin’ cold. I loved it. I love the cold. I know this feeds my obsession with Hammerfest, Norway. But where it is cold I can wear my knitted stuff.

We drove up the 5 and we were in The City for dinner, much to my surprise. We did have to stop at Cuca’s, the best taco stand in the world, before we left. I missed Cuca’s. Their cheap food, their hostile employees. Dang, that was a good way to begin our trip.

This sign is in Healdsburg where we drank bitter beer and had some good food. We spent 2 days around Sonoma County where K and I visited many breweries. I was the designated driver, and K was the designated tee-shirt purchaser. Before we ate dinner in Healdsburg one evening we walked around and saw this store. It amused me to see an Arabic word used to designate a store that sells embroidered wallets from Guatemala and carved walking sticks, or whatever, from Ghana. Far out.

Of course the highlight of my trip was going to Artfibers in San Francisco where I purchased some much needed yarn.

After we left Artfibers we went for coffee and crossed Jordan Street. It reminded me that I feel “homesick” for that place (the country, not the street). In Santa Barbara we had lunch at a brewery across from Garden Street, which about sent me over the edge. It is interesting how reminders of amazing places and people show up in the most unexpected places.


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Nice to see you're back. Yarn and beer: mmmmm.

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