07 September 2006

Greetings from Phoenix

I'm sitting at the Phoenix airport waiting for my flight to Chicago. The nice lady at American West put me on an earlier flight to Phoenix because there were hardly any people on it, so I got to have an entire isle to myself! That's good since the man I was assigned to sit next to spent the whole time on the phone shouting stuff like, "OK, we're gonna have to run a serious audit of the Smith account..." I quickly moved when the stewardes offered that I could move.
Now I wait... I just had a BRC burrito, and now I'll go to Starbucks. The available plug, and free WiFi make this one of the least sucky airports I've ever visited.


Blogger Miss Carousel said...

i miss you already.....

i'll keep your old man company at my birthday bash. he can even crash on rudolph's twin bed in the sun room! :)

wishing you safe travels (and NO! not just because you are going to jordan, but because any air travel is just, well, unnatural and cannot be trusted! yes, yes, i need xanex when i fly..._).

love you, my dear (and miss you already)

9:45 AM  
Blogger weeping sore said...

Just so you know, all white men flying with laptops and/or dingleberrys are important. More important than you. I mean, what's the point of having a cell phone if you can't use it in public to inform strangers that you are a person of importance? Really!

9:09 PM  

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