25 April 2007

Archaeology, Cappuccino, Mandrin Mirage

Once again Miss A has done the heavy lifting, blog-wise. In any event, yesterday Yo, Miss A, W and me went to the Dead Sea to look at archaeology stuff.
It’s already wicked hot down in the Jordan Valley. This, coupled with the mobbing gangs of flies makes the whole experience a good exercise in Amman-appreciation.

We departed Amman at 06:30, and did stop for coffee. That’s good, or I would have gone on strike immediately. We went to Yo’s site to look at ground stone.

We found, photographed, and mapped what we came across. The site is on a plateau with a great view of the Dead Sea and the approaching Bedouin.

We had lunch on the side of the road. Yo kindly fed us really good hummus, though the sardines were really icky looking. After lunch, we went to look at Bab ad-Dhra’, an early Bronze Age site that has been looted beyond repair. This was my 3rd visit to the site, and it never fails to bum me out when I see looter’s pits stretching out to the horizon. Here is a nice picture of the site. Erosion will do this place in soon. It’s been cut away by a wadi adjacent to this picture. Here is a photo of human bones. Looters dug up graves in search of burial offerings. Totally uninterested in the people, their remains are scattered all over the site.

After Bab ad-Dhra’ we drove up the Karak road to the Neolithic site of Dhra’. This site always amazes me, though I think it bored most of my companions. This is a PPNA site, one of only 6 in that we know of.

From Dhra’ we headed up to the new Dead Sea Panorama museum/restaurant. It was a wonderful way to end the excursion. The view is amazing, the weather is much better, the flies are at a minimum, and the cappuccino is highly recommended. The waiter wanted to make sure Yo and I appreciated his coffee. The foam was perfect, and the coffee was Illy. I did not leave disappointed.

After showers, we went to Nai for half-price drinks. Thank God for the Absolut Mandarin Mirage!


Blogger Weeping Sore said...

What's a PPNA? And what are the small trees with pink flowers in your last picture?
Also, you're a coffee junkie.

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