15 April 2007

Wadi Mujib

Yesterday Yo and Mo, me, B and A went for a Saturday drive in honor of A’s birthday. We went to Madaba and continued on to Wadi Mujib. It was both beautiful and fun. A has a wonderful post about the day including many great pictures which I’ve already stolen. Early on we encounter danger, but having ridden in taxis for the last half year, none of us feel fear.

We picked up B at her place near Abdali, and then tried to convince Yo, the driver, to go to the Starbucks in Abdoun, but he wouldn’t. We headed south to Madaba while we deconstructed a talk we’d endured this week. I’ll leave it at this, as you kinda needed to be there: many jokes were made yesterday about trash and bananas. We didn’t stay too long in Madaba. B went and saw the mosaics at the church while Yo and Mo went to look for antiquities. We went and made a reservation at the best restaurant in Madaba. Then we sat in a wind tunnel and had falafel sandwiches. That done, we got into the car and tried to decide what to do. Should we go see the Panorama, or south through Diban? We chose the latter. We meandered through green valleys that reminded me of San Elijo Canyon near San Diego. There are old oak trees that are actually healthy, unlike those in SoCal, and the wild flowers are still out. We continued south and went through Diban, and then rather suddenly the road dropped out of sight and a huge canyon was in front of us.

This was the first time I’d seen the Wadi Mujib Dam that took out a lot of archaeological sites. Coming from the South West US, and having read Cadillac Desert at a young and impressionable age, I’m opposed to Dams and other stupid water projects such as this.

We stopped at a touristy view point, and I made a new friend. This dog had a hurt paw, but he was very friendly and he kept biting my skirt and purse. He was funny. We continued down into the valley to go and see the dam close up. Yep, that’s a big dam. I think A said it was completed in 2002. We actually got to drive over it. This seems like a big deal to me since most dams in the States that were roads are not any more. We continued up the other side of the canyon and stopped to get a better look at the new lake. It was difficult to get a good picture of the dam from far away because the light was ever shifting. It’s difficult to get a sense from my pictures of how big this canyon is. Trust me, it’s big.

We headed back the way we came and returned to Madaba for a wonderful dinner. We were all really tired. We’d gone too long without coffee, and it showed. After dinner we headed back into Amman, and this time we convinced Yo to take us through the Starbucks drive through in Abdoun. It was pretty disgusting. Though, I will say the coffee was good. They have real espresso machines here still, unlike most of the US stores. From there we took the long way to B’s favorite ice cream shop on Abdoun Circle.

Then home, and to bed. It was a really enjoyable day.


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