28 October 2007

1 Week in San Diego and We're Going to Build-a-Bear

We have not been to our house in almost one week. Today I went to the mall and got K some socks and pants. Then, my mother spotted the B-a-B store, and we went in. It was adolescent hell. Here is a picture for Yo, who will someday open the first B-a-B store in Amman.

This is really a picture of Air Force 1. It is the blurry white thing behind the second car in the picture. We drove by and K spotted it. Our cameras are in the house that we can't go to, or may not actually have any longer, so here is a bad phone-photo. Really, it's there. I'm now more than pissed off that San Diego seems to have fetched the attention (and $$$?) while those of use from the mountains are still out of our homes and have almost no information.


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