12 September 2006

School, Apartment

Much was accomplished today. We went to JU to register and pay our fees. First, we headed to the student advisor to pick up many forms. Then, we had to go to the Arab Bank of Cairo and given them 20 US dollars. Then, we went to the Financial Office to give them much more money in JD. Of course we were lost much of the time, but the students at JU are very kind and helpful. We would still be wandering if not for them. When we finally found the Financial Office, I got in the wrong line. I waited a long time to be told this. Finally, we found the correct window, and the fellow there took our money. Back to the advisor’s office. He issued us student ID cards, and gave us receipts for our paperwork.
Then we headed back to where we are staying, and decided to make that permanent. This turned out well since they have actual apartments here. We have a two bedroom with a living room and kitchen. I’m happy to be on the east side of the building since it’s cooler, though nosier. The room I was in was quiet, but had a view of an apartment, and a street light which made it bright in that room all night. Now, I have a wonderful view of the neighborhood, and it’s not as bright. The breeze is coming through my room as I type, and it’s quite comfortable. This is the Summer Jordan I remember! The best part is that someone else will clean my room every week!
I haven’t been sleeping well yet, and I thought last night I finally would. We had an amazing wind storm here that rattled everything that moves. Most of the night it sounded as though someone was trying to open my door because it was rattling around so much. Tonight I hope to sleep because I take my placement exam on Wednesday morning. Then, orientation on Thursday.

Jordan University:

The Language Center:

It's official. If I'd known that picture was going to be my ID, I would have demanded another.



Room with a view:


Blogger Miss Carousel said...

i concur: excellent change of view!!

the apartment looks really lovely--and a cleaning perosn to boot?!?!? sounds like a sweet deal! :)

9:35 PM  
Blogger weeping sore said...

The campus looks nice - like any university with tree-lined sidewalks. The language center looks like much of the UCLA campus, with an architectural style a friend used to call "early seventies low-bid". The apartment looks comfy too - again inditinguishable from western styles. The view out your window is all that tells us you're not in Kansas any more. Break a leg on the language placement test.

9:37 PM  

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